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Frequently asked questions
How long does it take to get an answer?

Our support team check messages and emails every work day.As soon as we receive a question, we work on a solution for your request. Our support team assign your request to qualified member of our company, and they will find the best solution for you.

We try to answer and resolve your question inside 24 hours period. If you send us an email or a message on weekend, your request will be answered on monday. Same thing applies for holidays.

How long does it take to make website?

How much time we need to make you a website depends on several things.

If you want a just website, with basic info, without CMS, it can be done inside a week.

If you want a website and CMS, where you can manage with content of your page, we need a little bit more time, because we want to modify our CMS to your specific needs.

What do you offer?

We offer you three packs: simple, basic and premium.

If you choose simple pack, we can make you a website without CMS, where you can not manage with your website, if that is wnat you want.

If you choose basic pack, we will make you a website that can be managable with CMS. With our CMS, you can control content of your website.

Our premium pack includes hosting, website and CMS.

Do you provide hosting as well?

If you choose us to make you a website, you don't have to worry about hosting.

We have different packs. In one of our packs, we offer Website + CMS + Hosting, so if you want hosting, we have that option.

Does my website have to have CMS?

No, you can choose to have a website without CMS. This way you will still have a static website, meaning your content will not be changeable without us programming it. With a CMS you have the option to change the content yourself.

What is CMS?

CMS is a Content Management System. This is a system that manages the creation and modification of digital content. It allows user to add, remove or modify content of his/her website without programming knowledge and without the need to contact us to change the content.

Can website visitors contact me?

By default, we create a form on your website for visitors to contact you. After submitting it, this form is then saved to a list of your messages in CMS and it is also sent to your email. Form uses client and server side validations to prevent bots attacking your form.

Can I keep track of how much visit I have on my website?

We keep track of unique visits on your website. This way we keep track how many visitors you have. Statistics and number of visits can be found in your CMS under “Analytics” part.

Here you can see the number of visits on your website for this year, and a total number of visits, your most visited news, and most active CMS user.

How can people find my website?

When we create your website, we set meta tags (title, keywords and description), through which search engines find your website. You can add or edit these tags through your CMS, under “Settings” part of CMS. Description should be a small text about you and your business.

Will my website be using cookies?

Yes, to track visits to your website we use cookies.

Accessing CMS
Who can log into my CMS?

CMS is a password protected part of your website. This means that only people with a username and password that are encrypted and saved in database can access and log into your CMS.

These users are created by you. Your account is created by us and your access data will be delivered to you at the end of developing your website.

Can I change my access data for CMS?

Yes, you can go to “Users” part of CMS and from there you can edit the user you want and change their password and/or username.

Who can access my CMS?

Every user you create in CMS can access your CMS. For example, if you and your friend manage your website, both of you have accounts. With these accounts you can log in CMS and manage with it.

Can I restrict access inside CMS?

You as an administrator of CMS have an option to restrict access to other users of your CMS.

It is possible to have an user who can manage, for example, just the news, and other content of CMS is hidden and unaccessable to him.

What technology do you use?

We try to keep up with every day changes in web development world, to provide our user with best service.

Our applications are based on HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JavaScript and MySQL. With combination of these technologies, we provide pages that are responsive, modern and easy to use.

Are your pages responsive?

When we create a website, we make sure it is compatible with all modern devices.

We test all website on multiple devices to see if there are any problems and page is not resposive on some devices. If we find any bugs, we resolve them before we send the website to you.

Is website in real time?

Yes, some part of website and CMS are in real time. For example, searches are in real time.

Do you use HTML?

We use HTML5 in developing websites, along with CSS3, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL.

Managing content
Do I have control what is on my website?

Through our CMS you have full control of what will be displayed on your page.

You can add news, pictures to your gallery, read messages from your clients, manage your content and much more.

Can I add pictures to my website?

Yes, our CMS has an option for creating galleries and adding photos in those galleries.

Can I add videos to my website?

Yes, we can develop CMS so you can add videos.

Can I change my header image through CMS?

Yes, you can change the header image through CMS. You just need to find an image that has good quality and upload it through a form located inside the CMS under “Header image” part.

Is there a way to have a slider with images on my website?

This is possible. You can create a slider for your website. Under “Gallery” part in your CMS you will find option “Slider”. Open this option and you can see a form for uploading a new slider image, and a list of all the images on your slider (if you have any). Please make sure that these images are high quality.

Can I have a gallery on my website?

Yes, you can upload a gallery through the CMS. This gallery can then be linked to your website and visible to visitors.

Can I change images that are inside a gallery?

All the content of website is changeable through CMS, gallery images also. You can add new images to gallery, edit existing images, or delete image you do not want in the gallery anymore.

Can I by accident delete something from content?

For every delete action you will get a confirmation window to ask you if you are absolutely sure that you want to delete this item. If you clicked on the delete button by accident, you can easily abort delete process. This way we wanted to prevent deleting something by accident.

Can I have news feature on my website?

You can add news through your CMS. Most recent news will appear first on your website and that way your website will be up to date with content. You can also manage the previously added news and share your news on your social media.

Can I keep track which news are most popular?

We keep track of how many times people reached out to your news. Every news article has a unique identifier and a unique number of visits. Under “Analytics” you can find five most visited and popular news articles. With this feature you can see to which content visitors respond the best.

Can I change content of my website?

Yes, content of your website is changeable through your CMS. You can add new galleries, articles, change sliders, hide content, add new content, edit existing content, or delete something from the website.

Can I backup my content?

If you want, we can program it for you to automatically receive backup on a specific day or date you define in your CMS.

Do I have to have a slider on my homepage?

No, you do not have to have a slider on your homepage or any part of your website. It is up to you what will be on your website.

Is it possible to have a video on my slider?

Yes, that can be made. If you want to have a video on your slider, we can make that.

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